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Lions Mane Mushroom Immune Defense, 2 fl. oz. Pomegranate Liquid Drops, Antioxidants to Fight Free Radicals, Sublingual

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A Strong Immune System Begins with a Healthy Boost from Pella Nutrition Mushroom Blend Free Radical Fighting Antioxidants We utilize Lion’s Mane mushrooms packed with anti-aging antioxidants to fight oxidative stress at the cellular level and help keep skin feeling youthful and vibrant. Fast-Acting Liquid Form As a sublingual liquid our herbal mushroom supplement absorbs more rapidly into your system to provide more efficient and effective support over pills, capsules, or tablets. Restore Focus and Energy Levels Flavored Healthy Mushroom Blend with Lion’s Mane may also help reduce stress or anxiety which can help greatly improve focus, productivity, and personal efficiency. Enjoy Full Day and Night Support Our mushroom blend not only provides more natural energy during the day but helps slow and focus your mind and night, so you can enjoy more restful, revitalizing sleep.

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